We support idea stage entrepreneurs.

The feeling is real. Few can explain it. Your idea keeps popping up every few days. You think about it at the most random times: when jogging, doing dishes, or even on date night. Deep down in your soul the decision to start working on your idea is the right one, but it’s tough.

  • How do you find a co-founder that can sell or write code?
  • Which family members will be your earliest supporters?
  • How do you start getting customers who will be with you at the beginning?

Before answering these questions, you want to get your ideas on paper, so you start sketching your app with pen and paper.  

This is the beginning.

The process of executing on your dream brings excitement mixed with anxiety. Free time is now filled with busy nights and weekends. Your confidence in solving problems turns to putting your ideas on paper and moves to sharing your vision with early supporters.

That feeling you have about your idea is real and we want to help. 

We also offer a studio to help entrepreneurs with ideas, but no technical expertise, build an MVP and get paying customers. We help with: 

  • Product Development: A way to get an MVP
  • Brand & Design: A logo (if not already established) and a web site
  • Marketing & PR: the messaging around launching the MVP +  Deck

Typically, we invest $100K - $300K in Idea Stage companies. Let us know how we can help! 


Previous Idea Stage Investments:

I came to Atlanta Ventures with an idea and belief that I could build a great product in a market I knew fairly well. They helped fuel that belief into reality.
— Craig Hyde, CEO - Rigor

Want to jumpstart your idea and join the AV portfolio? Let us know.