Dragon Army


Dragon Army is web, mobile and innovation.

Start with an amazing team.

This isn't one of those things companies say but don't really mean, either. We're invested in our team because they're infectiously passionate about what they do.

Mix in the values that make us.

We've built Dragon Army on 5 values that keep us on the right path: Team First, Think Positively, Do Good, Celebrate Diversity & Have Fun!

Add cool stuff to work on.

We like to stay busy with innovative projects. If we're working on it, it's worth working on. And we're gonna' make it super fresh.

Put it all on a big, fancy boat.
Every year we have fun by going on an all expenses paid company cruise! No stand-ups, no meetings and no work talk. It's a rule, and we do not break it.



Founded 2013
Partnered 2013


Jeff Hilimire

Ryan P. Tuttle